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Healthcare Career Goals: Play the Odds, Win

Anyone aspiring to be in the healthcare field knows what a difficult task it can be to obtain all the requirements just to go to a PA school, much less beat the competition. If you had an opportunity to raise your odds of getting a one in five chance, would you jump for it? If your healthcare career choice, choice of school, and ultimately your life goals were hanging in the balance, would you go for a solid way to improve those odds?

PA school requirements

At Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, a minimum of 200 hours of direct patient care and experience relating to a healthcare career is required for admission to the Physician Assistant program, not including healthcare shadowing. Motivation, maturity, the ability to work with people, and suitability for clinical practice are a must.  In addition, only 55 students make it into the competitive program, and around 27 of those are from the undergraduate program at Marquette. The odds of getting into such a program are not comforting for the average student aspiring to be a physician’s assistant.

Healthcare career goals being met at Marquette

Chris Lanctin, Kelby Roholt, Maren Kleopler, Kelsi George, Larry Truong

Five former ACR employees, Chris Lanctin, Kelby Roholt, Maren Kleopler, Kelsi George and Larry Truong, are almost through their first year in the PA program at Marquette. That means former ACR employees got 5 out of the 27 spots available to non-Marquette undergraduate students in the Marquette PA program; that’s a little less than a one in five chance. These five averaged about two years each working at ACR, four years for Larry alone! Obtaining far more then the 200 hour minimum of direct patient care that is required. They made a difference in the lives of their residents, and now that experience working with those wonderful residents at ACR is making a difference in these students’ lives.

Choose your route to success

Success is built from each of the choices we make; would you choose to work at ACR Homes for the betterment of yourself, your career, and ultimately your life? You have the opportunity to gain valuable healthcare experience, working hands on with people with a wide range of medical needs. Play the odds, achieve your goals, live your dream.

Apply at ACR Homes today and give your healthcare career a jump start.