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What’s an Impact Project?

As applications roll in for our first Impact Year team, there is one question we wanted to expand on more…something we are so very excited about! An Impact Project is one of the requirements of the Impact Year, and it is truly one of the really fun parts.

Through the course of the Impact Year, each Impact Year Intern will need to choose one resident (or even a group of residents) who they want to help fulfill a special request or to do something extra special for. We’re thinking mini-bucket list here! This might be a weekend getaway, helping setup a visit to interact with horses for a horse lover, or getting someone out fishing for the first time. A larger group idea might be an event (post-COVID!) that benefits many residents like the Salon Day project completed a couple years ago, or another meaningful event that positively impacts a group of people who live at ACR. The possibilities are endless!

Serving Others

We see the Impact Project as yet another way to go above and beyond in service to someone else, and we know that helping make an impact in this way, both parties will be impacted for years to come. While all ACR employees are encouraged to plan and participate in fun and memorable resident events, Impact Year Interns will have additional funding to apply for and additional direct support in being able to make these dreams into a reality. They’ll complete an Impact Statement, make a proposal, and go through the planning and implementation during their Impact Year. 

Passion Speaks

Of all the technical skills that ACR employees learn during their employment, it is the stories of friendships and relationships gained that can speak volumes during future PA school and med school interviews. PA-S2 Violet recalled how in one of her interviews for PA school, her interviewer spoke up at the end of the interview and pointed out that every time Violet talked about a story related to her residents, she would naturally put her hand on her heart. Violet’s dedication and meaningful relationships with her residents resonated deeply through her interview, and…she got in!

[The Impact Project is in addition to internship requirements for our Impact Year program– learn more about the internship components here.]

Opportunities await

“The Impact Project is a really, really fun addition to our Impact Year. Our Impact Year team will have many personal benefits throughout this year, and this is one additional way to leave a lasting mark on the company through helping do something extra special for a resident or group of residents at ACR. We want this to be something that the individuals on this team will look back on fondly as they move on to pursue their career.” -Sarah Abbott, Impact Year Experience Coordinator

“An Impact Project is aimed at finding the opportunities in life that increase the joy, meaning, happiness, and number of positive memories that our residents have.  Each Impact Project may look unique, but the goal is the same — to come alongside our residents and help them fulfill their hopes and dreams, explore new interests and activities, and communicate this with others.” -Jon Moe, Impact Year Internship Supervisor

[Want to see more Impact Year FAQ? You can find our FAQ section here}