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Why working at ACR Homes is a great opportunity for college students

At ACR homes, we’ve worked with many exceptional students over the years. If you’re thinking of applying, here are some answers to career-related questions we often hear.

What makes work at ACR valuable for a health care career?

Many college students who come to work at ACR are hired as direct care professionals. What’s valuable about this experience is it gives you the relevant patient care hours that many students are seeking so they can meet the requirements to apply to medical school or a PA program. In fact, you’d perform many of the same health care tasks that an LPN or RN would in a hospital setting.

Here’s another thing we want to call out: communication. Communication is the keystone to providing excellent health care, and many students say ACR Homes prepared them well in this area. You’ll get experience in learning to read a patient’s non-verbal cues, and how to build connections and a great rapport. As you work with other health care professionals and family members of the residents, you’ll get experience working with a large cross section of people and professionals that most health care students don’t get exposed to.

What types of jobs can someone without a degree get at ACR?

If you meet the qualifications, you can start working as a direct care professional at ACR without a degree or any certifications. Many kinds of students majoring in many different things come to work with us. Learn more about them here.

What can you expect from an ACR Homes internship?

A good internship should function like a two-way evaluation. You want to show your stuff, but you should also be thinking about how this is working for you, so you walk away with a sense of whether you found your fit in health care. ACR lets you do both.

Students who work as direct care professionals at ACR Homes are also eligible for internships! We let you take an individualized approach, because with your DCP hours, you can also deploy a special project or research topic. This lets you gain experience that’s relevant to your field so you’ll come away feeling even more prepared for your future career. Our pre-PA students also get a shadowing opportunity, along with a free mock interview through the PA Platform. Finally, we offer seminars with ACR’s founder and CEO, Jim Nelson, which makes your experience all the more meaningful. You can read more about our internship opportunities here.

Are there full-time opportunities for college grads?

If you’re starting out as a new college grad, or taking a gap year, we have many opportunities. An attractive option is becoming an on-site residential supervisor, whether you’re launching your career as a new college graduate, or you’re taking a gap year before starting your post-graduate studies.

How is ACR different from some of its competitors?

We can help you reach your educational and career goals. While you work, you can earn a paycheck and get credit for your internship experience. Talk about a win/win! We also know how crazy a college student’s schedule can be. So when it comes to classes, exams and other obligations, we’ll work with you so you can fit everything into your busy life!

Interested in making a difference and beginning a meaningful career at ACR Homes? Contact us to learn more.