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Activities galore: ACR residents entertained on-site during COVID-19

During this social isolation interval, we miss seeing our loved ones, but rest assured, we are having as much fun as we can!

We’re doing everything possible to keep our residents happy, entertained and connected even as we take precautions to prevent their physical exposure to the outside world. After all, mental health experts say the best thing for all of us is to “let go” of the aspects we can’t control, maintain normal schedules and keep building enjoyable activities into our lives. They point out that fun activities can help us control stress by reducing the hormone cortisol and raising feel-good hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

“Staying busy with other things … is a classic tactic for keeping anxiety under control,” advises Amanda Capritto on “Focus on your daily obligations and add in fun activities to your days to keep anxiety to a minimum.”

To their credit, our team of employees has already gone above and beyond to maintain their regular work routines while creating fun diversions for their clients. In that spirit, here’s an overview of some of the entertainment they’ve helped stage so far.

ACR Homes: All about the activities

A stellar “Stay-Homecoming”

In lieu of our usual Homecoming Week, we held a five-day series of events in March known as “ACR Stay-Home-Coming 2020.” Using inspiration from ACR Pinterest boards, staff brought in treats, props, movies and other supplies and set up games and activities related to five different themes. Movie & Manicure Fun-Day featured pajama parties, fort-making and mani-pedis; St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday offered up holiday bingo, a leprechaun hunt and clover crafts; and on Hawaiian Tropical Wednesday residents wore colorful gear, made Moon Sand and enjoyed smoothies and luau-oriented dishes. Thursday included Disney-themed costumes, crafts, decorations and movies, and Friday promoted ACR spirit by encouraging residents to make their own decorations, posters, scrapbooks, greeting cards, etc. Houses competed (via participation) to earn special sweatshirts, catered-in meals or outside activities, and employees were given extra incentive to participate through gift card drawings.

Very virtual ventures

Team members have been optimizing our staff Facebook group to share ideas for fun virtual field trips, teddy bear and heart hunts, interesting shows to watch and other helpful suggestions they find online.

Staying connected

We’ve been inviting residents to play company-wide virtual bingo with staff and friends from across the company. We’ve also done virtual puppy visits, art therapy, and even hosted a virtual Talent Show! This week we are so excited to have Don Anderson join us for a virtual sing along!

Mail call

We recently started a house pen-pal group through which residents can send mail of all kinds to each other.

Person-by-person pursuits

As we always do, we’re helping keep residents engaged with board games, indoor sports, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, puzzles, cards, spa activities, music, neighborhood walks and other activities of their choice.

Our ACR promise to you is that we’ll continue to find ways to engage and entertain your loved ones in-house until they can once again venture out into the outside world.