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Name: Holli Ramseth

Accepted to: Northwestern Health Sciences University- Bloomington

Major: Doctor of Chiropractic

Undergrad University: University of Northwestern- St. Paul (different schools)

Work at ACR: Started October 2016. It will be four years this fall

Total Direct care hours: Right around 5,000 hours! Not including Admin and everything else

Additional Involvements: Started as a DCP.. then became an RSA.. Then an RC… Then the RS.. The switched to being an E float for school.

How many programs did you apply to? Just one!

Anything you found surprising? I started this past summer with only 23 other students

I have wanted to find a career that is directly working with patients. ACR has provided me with the medical experience putting me ahead of my other classmates. My comfort level with patients has increased greatly as I work with the residents (being a float and working with all different residents as well). This is a job that has allowed me to grow in many different areas. Interaction with other staff, residents, working alongside the nurses, PD’s, guardians, case managers and everyone else involved in residents care. I have seen myself grow as an individual outside of how to care for the residents. ACR is a job that I can stay at casual while I go to school. It’s also a job that is very hard to leave, after spending so much time with my residents and building such a strong bond they have become part of my life now.