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Annual house fishing trip

After Nick sustained a brain injury in an ATV accident 14 years ago, his family struggled to find him living conditions in Minnesota that could fully support his needs and wants.

At age 20, the avid outdoorsman from Eagan still had an avid interest in having fun outside, experiencing new activities and spending time with family and friends. The first solutions his family found were just not providing the quality of care he needed and deserved.

That’s what prompted his family to look elsewhere, after which two different medical professionals recommended his parents contact ACR Homes. Among the comments they heard? “When we see patients from ACR homes, they are always well-cared for. ACR treats patients with respect. We are always able to answer questions or get the answers in short periods of time.”

Those kudos prompted the family to add Nick’s name to the ACR waiting list, after which ACR found him a well-suited residential home in 2013.

Nick and staff at Minneapolis Institute of Art

These days, life is much more active and enjoyable for the 34-year-old.

“ACR has given our son and us a life,” reports his mother. “He no longer spends his day in bed, alone, in front of a TV, etc. He has a clean, warm, friendly, welcoming home to live in, and great caring staff. He gets out into the community and has a social life. He gets to do things he likes … he is as active as he can be.”

In a typical day, she says, Nick participates in exercise and respiratory therapy programs while interacting with staff members and listening to music or comedy on his iPad. Most days, he also has time for a fun activity such as a movie, fishing, visit to a friend’s or a trip to a science museum, shopping center, history center, brewery or pet store. His home visits are also frequent.

“He’s included in all family functions,” notes his mom.

His mother also shared stellar reviews of ACR team members.

Sharing a laugh with staff at a pool party.

“The staff are the best,” she advises. “They are a good group of caring people and are constantly looking for ways to improve our son’s life. Our son requires a lot of care and has so many medical issues, but we never hear that something can’t be done or is too much work. Instead we hear ‘What do you think about us doing this?’ about steps that would require more work for them. There aren’t enough words or space to express our joy and satisfaction of all who work at ACR.”

Perhaps the best part about Nick’s ACR residency, she says, is the peace of mind of knowing her son is subject to the best care possible.

“He is treated with respect. He is able to get out and enjoy life the best he can on a regular basis.”

Her advice for other prospective ACR families? Ask questions, get on the waiting list, stay in contact with administrators and be persistent about checking for openings.

“Don’t give up,” she says. “ACR homes are the best homes around. Your loved one will have great care and a good life. We feel Nick went from hell to heaven when he moved to his ACR home. It was the best thing that could happen.”