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Health Benefits: A Great Reason to Work Full-Time at ACR

Did you know that Minnesotans who rely on MinnesotaCare for health benefits could be facing premium increases of 50-67% for 2017?  In response to this sobering news, last week Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton declared that the Affordable Care Act is “no longer affordable” for many Americans. These dramatic increases in the individual health care market also have some top state officials worried that MinnesotaCare won’t survive. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, a major insurer in the program, bowed out for 2017, and the other seven insurers are considering whether to follow suit in 2018.

ACR's health benefits

Who is affected by these cost increases and the uncertainty in individual health care insurance? The self-employed, at-home parents, people who’ve been piecing together part-time jobs, among others. I know plenty of people who match that description. Who comes to mind for you ? Or maybe you or someone you know is almost 26–the magic age when young adults can no longer be covered on their parents’ health insurance plan and have to get their own plan if they haven’t already done so.  These are all people for whom the pursuit of dreams is impacted by the increasing burden of health insurance.  And this is the time of year when it all comes into focus as everyone prepares for health insurance open enrollment in November.

A Steady Paycheck and Great Health Benefits

The best solution to this dilemma that I know of is to have a full time job with health benefits that fits with the rest of your life.  That’s where ACR can help.  ACR has full-time opportunities at over 50 locations around the Minneapolis-St. Paul suburban area. We also have scheduling options to help you work around other commitments.  Being a full time direct care professional at ACR offers a steady paycheck and great benefits including health and dental care, along with the  opportunity to learn new skills and make an impact. Wouldn’t that go a long way towards helping you pursue your dreams?

Many ACR employees start working at ACR while finishing a degree, pursuing a passion,  parenting young children, or caring for an older family member. They begin as direct care professionals and then make ACR into a career by taking advantage of advancement opportunities, since we typically promote people with successful direct care experience.  The scheduling flexibility lends itself to working around your needs. We’ve even had employees drive in from outside cities like St. Peter, Eau Claire, and St.Cloud for “power weekends” between Friday evening and Monday morning. Contact us today to see about becoming a full-time direct care professional at ACR Homes!

Kristin Pitchford, HR Director at ACR Homes