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For the second year in a row, ACR Homes hosted Homecoming Week for the residents of ACR. The now-annual Homecoming Week gives our residents an opportunity to experience something they otherwise may not have the chance to experience. This is all made possible by our hardworking staff, who also get to enjoy the week with the residents they work with.

homecoming week

Homecoming Week Activities

Earlier in the week the residents participated in a karaoke night, bingo, and a pajama day, and also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green in as many creative ways as possible. For some residents, this is the very first time they’ve attended a Homecoming Week celebration in their honor, where they have the opportunity to be a part of the Homecoming Court. For many, this is their second time participating in Homecoming Week, and their delight is not diminished this second time around.

The Grand Entrance

A huge cheer erupted from the Concordia-St. Paul football players, dressed in their team uniforms, as residents entered into the crowded Roseville High School cafeteria jam-packed with staff and residents from ACR Homes. There was a mermaid wheeling her way to the dance floor, her shiny blue-green tail gently brushing the floor. A man dressed in a suit and checkered sweater vest sat at a table, festooned with glitter that surrounded a bright blue beta fish swimming in a small glass bowl. There was an electric quality to the excitement in the air, growing more tangible by the minute, as more and more residents arrived all dressed up and with huge smiles on their faces, ready for the grand march of the second annual Homecoming Week.

A Night to Remember

The DJ strikes up a new tune, a fan favorite as indicated by yet another wild cheer that goes up into the balloons and banners covering the ceiling. A petite woman with a tiara starts dancing with a few of the football players, as they bend down to her level to hold her hands. This is a night to remember, a night that many of the residents will never forget!