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Humans of ACR – Joe

“I’m really social. And I like people. I play with my iPad. Facebook and emailing and everything like that. And I like to watch TV in my room. I also like going to the library a lot. I like the nature DVDs and documentaries. I like to learn about animals and plants and the weather.”

“Highschool was kind of hard, but I got used to it. I got a lot of homework. My favorite class was choir because I had it with my best friend. I’ve been friends with my high school buddy from choir for 15 years. I saw him last Tuesday for the first time in a long while. We talked about life and listened to an album. I’m going to a rooftop concert tonight and listening to a Bulgarian band. I know the clarinetist through Facebook.”

“My favorite memory is moving in with ACR. Two years ago, I found this place and we got me settled in. I have the most wonderful supervisor in the world. She is very nice. Emily. Have you met her?”