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ACR Homes: More Than a Healthcare Career

It’s an incredible feeling to be able to do what I love in my healthcare career at ACR Homes working with vulnerable adults. It’s an even better feeling to get to write about it! Being ACR’s newest blogger is fulfilling a longtime goal of mine to be a writer and writing about something I love.


more than a healthcare careerI was first drawn to ACR in 2013 when I applied to be a Residential Supervisor overseeing an ACR home for people with disabilities. I had heard great things about ACR Homes during my undergraduate time at Northwestern University in St. Paul since many of my friends worked here, but I never pursued it until after I graduated. I applied at ACR Homes and was hired, and then started a lengthy and invaluable internship to become a Residential Supervisor. In June 2014 I was placed as the live-in supervisor of the ACR home on Dawn Ave, where I live with my husband and our two children who were both born during my time at Dawn. I love my work, and it has been a joy to see my toddlers cultivate fun relationships with my residents. ACR Homes has been an incredible career choice for me.  I’ve found myself growing as a person as well as gaining knowledge and experience as an employee working with disabled adults. Not only that, but my individual interests have been cultivated; ACR is a place where potential can be fulfilled.

Reaching Potential

I was thrilled when I was asked to write blogs for ACR because it is a deep passion of mine and a fun creative outlet. I’ve been tasked with getting the word out to new applicants about the great career opportunities at ACR, as well as keeping current employees informed about current events or interesting stories. I look forward to writing for ACR and sharing the wonderful opportunities that exist while working for this company, and all the great things that happen here!

— Kat