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You know how kids sometimes do crazy things and wind up in Urgent Care? ACR’s COO Gene Leistico had this story: “My 9-year-old daughter was jumping around last summer and hurt her ankle. We weren’t sure if it was broken or sprained, and it was on a weekend. I would have loved to have NICE Healthcare do an X-ray at our home to confirm a sprain rather than go to Urgent Care to get an X-ray there. It would have saved us a lot of time and a few hundred dollars.”NICE Healthcare

Healthcare that Comes to You

“Healthcare that comes to you” is the tagline for NICE Healthcare–a new primary care option in 2018 that full-time ACR employees can access via online video and in-home visits.  Sound familiar?

ACR employees probably recognize this is similar to Bluestone Physician Services which delivers on-site care to a good share of the people with disabilities and the elderly who live in ACR Homes and Arthur’s Residential Care. NICE Healthcare even uses the same mobile lab and X-ray services as Bluestone. You can have your NICE appointment in your workplace or even at home, which can be a beautiful thing when you’re feeling under the weather. And it’s at no cost to employees who have health benefits through ACR.

NICE Healthcare offers online primary care for common conditions like cold, flu, strep, rashes, insect bites, pink eye, ear infections, and chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, with follow-up exams, labs and X-rays as needed at your home or workplace. Busy parents will appreciate that they can even do sports physicals, well child exams, and baby exams.NICE Healthcare

Save Time, Save Money

We anticipate this new healthcare option will deliver the rare combination of both time savings and cost savings for employees. Things like a strep test that can cost a fee for a clinic visit and another fee for a lab test can be done by NICE Healthcare at your desk or in your living room and won’t cost a dime. And in the case of a kid with a sore ankle, they can do an X-ray at your home to rule out broken bones, and if a bone needs to be set they can give you a copy of the X-ray and save you the cost of getting one at a clinic.

Employees can also cover dependents (spouse and children) at no cost, even if they are not covered on ACR’s group health plan.  Sarah Abbott commented, “My husband’s insurance has a much higher deductible than ACR’s. I think NICE Healthcare will help because he’ll be able to get some basic care done through NICE without incurring any cost on his deductible.”

Full-time ACR employees receive benefits that include medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, and life insurance at great rates. Check it out. Pass it on!NICE Healthcare - now included in your benefits.