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ACR SAFE Santa 2021

As you hopefully know, ACR Homes has the ACR SAFE (Staff Agenda Fund for Emergencies) as a way for ACR employees to lend a helping hand to co-workers in financial crisis due to unforeseen emergencies such as illness, fire, or accidents. We understand that money can’t solve every problem, but we hope to lend support to whatever efforts the staff is making. Helping co-workers in need fits with ACR’s core values and has a positive impact on the tone and morale in our homes.
Once again this holiday season, we are wanting to extend our SAFE support efforts to include nominated employees who are perceived to need a little extra support in a variety of ways (not necessarily based on only financial need). The goal of our SAFE SANTA is to expand our normal SAFE criteria to also include those that have been through or are going through a tough period and could use an extra reminder that they are being thought about and cared for this holiday (for example, a family member passing away, health issues, etc—even if they don’t have a financial need—this is more aimed at something to show we care.)
Examples of support could be flowers or coffee deliveries, a grocery gift card, holiday treats, toys for kids, etc. etc. We are open to ideas on what might look supportive to this individual! Last year we were able to surprise over 30 employees to help brighten their holiday!
*This year there is also an option on this form to be involved through a donation, being on the committee, or helping with a delivery. Even if you’re not making a nomination, fill this out if you’d like to be involved!*
This nomination is ONLY for the SAFE SANTA. If you perceive someone has a need that is more financial based, feel free to submit the other standard SAFE application.
We are asking ACR employees to submit this nomination for assistance from the fund for any co-workers who should be considered. A SAFE Santa review committee will meet November 30th at 2:30pm and review all SAFE SANTA applications and decide if and how the individual will be supported. SAFE SANTA deliveries will be made in December. Recipients must be ACR employees at the time of application and receipt of SAFE Santa gifts. Awards will be determined at the sole discretion of the SAFE employee committee; ACR management will not direct gifting decisions. Identifying information will be covered to create anonymity for SAFE committee review.
Here’s the link to find the SAFE Santa nomination form! Thanks for helping us support our fellow ACR Employees!