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ACR Homes is known for the high quality of care it gives to people with physical and developmental disabilities. What people often don’t know is that ACR Homes has a sister organization, Arthur’s Senior Care, that provides that same level of service to people with dementia, Alzheimer’s and physical disabilities.

Both organizations are united in their mission to go the extra mile and provide the best possible physical and emotional support to clients so they can live meaningful and fulfilling lives. Both also uphold the value of life regardless of anyone’s age, disability, level of independence, accomplishments or outside relationships.

Across the board, we believe human life is intrinsically valuable and worthy of dignity and respect simply because it exists. In fact, our founders chose the name ACR to stand for the primary objectives of our mission — acceptance, communication and respect.

[Learn more about ACR Homes and Arthur’s core values and mission here]

The daughter of an Arthur’s client thanked staff for those very principles. Before coming to Arthur’s, her mother had been somewhat combative and unresponsive, with negative experiences at the previous care facility.

“We who loved her most felt so helpless,” she wrote. “I could tell Mom hated those places, and it was obvious many of the staff didn’t like Mom. But your special, wonderful people were able to look past or through her dementia to see my mom as the person who she really and still was,” she wrote. “No wonder my Mom chose to write you all a thank-you letter during an amazing lucid moment she had last summer.”

A history of quality, personalized care

ACR Homes was founded in 1981 by local residents Jim and Dorothy Nelson, who based their care model on their own experiences living and working with those with disabilities. The first facility served just six high school graduates who needed assistance; today, ACR Homes supports some 200 people with disabilities in more than 50 homes throughout the five-county metro area. In 2006, the Nelsons turned their own family home in Roseville into the special facility Arthur’s Senior Care where six seniors at a time can receive highly focused care and attention. A second Arthur’s home with the same model of care was constructed in Shoreview several years later.

Exceptional care model that transforms lives

While the Nelsons have always geared their businesses toward supporting those who need help, even they weren’t completely prepared for how profoundly the people they support would affect their employees. Numerous testimonials describe how life-changing employees of ACR Homes and Arthur’s have found their client interactions. A few examples:

  • “I realized every resident deserves care and attention designed specifically for him or her. This concept of ‘resident agenda’ is something I will carry with me for the rest of my career as a physician assistant.”
  • “I found myself developing a strong sense of responsibility and ownership to making sure they were taken care of for my eight hours I was there. Thirteen years later as an RN, I still feel like I am making a huge impact and difference in the residents’ lives.”
  • “This is by far the most meaningful job I have ever had, and it is so personally rewarding. Working for ACR has not only allowed me the opportunity to assist my residents in their personal growth, but also has forever changed the way in which I see the world and interact with others.”

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