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It’s no secret that ACR’s homes are staffed by everyday heroes. They don’t always wear capes, but they do make awesome happen on a regular basis. So, how do you celebrate Employee Appreciation Day for 900+ everyday heroes? Well, let me tell you!

Celebrating Everyday Heroes

The sun was shining brightly for Employee Appreciation Day 2018. White tents fluttered in a light breeze, the tables were set and bouquets of garden flowers were everywhere, competing for attention with the brightly colored bouncy house and obstacle course that were setup  several feet away. Food trucks began to pull into ACR’s parking lot and the excitement really started to build. There were fish tacos and waffles, mini donuts, hot dogs and a pig roast. A man dressed in old-fashioned pinstripe was serving ice cream and making balloon animals. The bluegrass band started to play in the cool of the evening, drawing an enthusiastic audience of dancers and clappers.

Fun for Everyone

Inside in the cool air conditioning, baristas were busy making coffee drinks for residents and employees, while face-painting,crafts and a photo booth were in the next room. Children put superhero tattoos on their arms and legs, and little girls with faces painted like Elsa from Frozen made superhero masks with brightly colored stickers. One parent presided over the crafts while the other enjoyed a free massage in a quiet room.

Employees are Celebrated

everyday herosACR employees look forward to the annual Employee Appreciation Day for months in advance, planning around the day to ensure they can attend. In a job that can be such a rewarding challenge, it is an incredible morale boost to know that no employee is taken for granted. Rather, they are celebrated in small ways throughout the year and on one big day full of summer sunshine. ACR Homes is a place where many employees flock for the experience and rewarding work, and stay because of the difference they make in the lives of others, and knowing that their work is valued and celebrated by supervisors. There doesn’t leave much room to question why ACR Homes has been voted by employees a top 5 workplace so many years in a row!