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My daughter transferred to the University of Minnesota in her junior year of college to major in child psychology. Her long-term goal is to go to graduate school to study occupational therapy to help kids with special needs. She was looking for work experience in her field and ACR’s ads around campus caught her eye. Working at ACR seemed like a great career move.  She applied and was hired as a direct care staff.

Work experience at ACR Homes.An Incredible Job Opportunity

As a mom, I think this is an incredible job opportunity for someone who is only 22!  In just two years my daughter has worked her way to be a live-in residential supervisor.  The healthcare skills she’s learned and the overall life experience she’s gained at ACR are phenomenal. She’s grown so much, both professionally and personally. I don’t know of any other job that allows young employees to take on that much responsibility and get that much hands-on work experience.

Because she has two younger brothers with disabilities, she came into the job with a lot of experience. The opportunities she has had at ACR over the past two years have given her an even greater perspective.  She’s worked with a variety of families of ACR residents and has gained insight into their concerns.  I can see that her job at ACR creates a heart of compassion for the struggles families go through. It is obviously character building as well as career building.

Great Training and Support

One of best things about ACR is the excellent training my daughter has received. It is thorough and prepares staff well for all aspects of their work.   Another great thing at ACR is that the management team and her coworkers are very caring and helpful.  There’s never been a time she’s had a concern about how to do the work that hasn’t been addressed in a way that resolved the problem. They’ve got her back. Thanks to great training and support from ACR I’ve never felt she wouldn’t be successful.

A friend who works for ACR mentioned that having ACR on her resume will be a great career move for grad school applications. I think that’s true.  I know my daughter LOVES her work at ACR and I am really thrilled with her work experience there.


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